Insulation and Ventilation: The Key to Prolonging the Life of Your Roof


Insulating your home properly helps to save on heating and air conditioning costs. In addition, it helps to avoid problems related to mold, humidity, etc. if your home is not properly insulated, the first signs will appear in your roof. A specialist can analyze a number of elements, including the thickness of wool insulation, the type of insulation, the weather stripping, etc., and then inform you of the corrections to be made, and whether there are new products on the market that are better suited to your situation.

Signs of inadequate insulation

What to look for during the winter

  • Cold walls and ceilings
  • Unusual increase in heating costs
  • Mold
  • Icy patches

What to look for during the summer

  • Unusual increase in air conditioning costs
  • Ineffective air conditioning


Ventilating your attic plays an important role in the longevity of your roof. In addition to being required pursuant to the Building Code, installing a ventilation system is even more important in light of the fact that manufacturers of shingles make it a condition for honouring their guarantees.

The importance of adequate ventilation

  • Removes humidity
  • Prevents the accumulation of ice
  • Prevents overheating during the summer
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