Safely Removing Snow from Your Roof

During the winter, the team at Vézina & Fils Roofers will provide snow removal services for your roof in Laval, in the Laurentians and on Montreal’s South Shore. Getting up on the roof is risky. When in doubt, the best approach is to call on the professionals. Whether for prevention or in the case of an emergency, call us!

Why is it important to remove the snow from your roof?

  • Snow represents a danger to passers-by if it falls off your roof
  • The weight of the snow may cause your roof structure to sag or collapse
  • Significant temperature changes may prevent water from running off your roof
  • Ice jams may cause water infiltration and this type of damage is not covered by the warranty.
  • The drain may be blocked

Why enlist the service of professionals to remove the snow from your roof?

  • We have the right equipment
  • We use the proper techniques
  • We cordon off a security perimeter in order to avoid accidents
  • We are careful to not damage the waterproof membrane as well as the shingle