Gravel Roof — an Economical Choice

A Multilayer Coating — Flat Gravel

An asphalt and gravel roof is the least expensive of all flat roof solutions. It is ideal for flat roofs or for low-pitched roofs. It often lasts more than 20 years. All you need to do is install a new membrane and new gravel! The membrane is composed of several layers of saturated felts and liquid asphalt between each layer. The gravel protects the membrane from the sun and from bad weather. To protect your roof, use an efficient sealer on your roof's gravel which will reduce its chances of cracking. If you want to maximize your space, installing gravel on your roof will make it possible for you to install a patio!

Reflective white roofs are used to reduce the formation of heat islands and are gradually becoming the norm in some cities such as Montreal. Our roofer experts will be able to properly inform you about this.

Gravel Roof Advantages

  • Low price
  • Require very little maintenance
  • 20 year or more lifespan
  • Perfect for flat and low-pitched roofs
  • Choice of white stones for white roofs
  • Different types of gravel available
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