Proper Roof Maintenance with Vézina & Fils Roofers

It is important to monitor the condition of your roof in order to avoid many types of problems. For example, if the roof is leaking, allowing the situation to continue may result in significant expenses and cause even more damage. Also, ice jams may cause water infiltration and this type of damage is not covered by the warranty.

When in doubt, call on the professionals at Vézina & Fils Roofers. We will conduct an interior and exterior inspection of your roof in Laval, in the Laurentians and on Montreal’s South Shore.

Some signs to look for that require repairs

  • Water dripping or puddles of water
  • Debris that may be blocking the drain
  • Signs of de deterioration of the roof (joints coming apart or blistered, wavy or deformed membrane)
  • Rusty or broken flashing
  • The presence of mushrooms, moss or other vegetation
Call the team at Vézina & Fils Roofers to repair your roof or for roof maintenance.